Try, try again: Another nuke drill in Charleston -- Monday

Information Awareness

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Back in August, this website and others exposed the plan to nuke Charleston, South Carolina in a false flag operation. The idea of the dark forces behind this plan was that only a purported "nuclear terror" attack could provide sufficient pretext for all-out nuclear war with Iran. (Conventional war with Iran has no chance of success given the overextension of US troops.)

It seems this plan is still on the table, as another "radiological" drill is set for the Charleston harbor on Monday. This website does not see this drill as going live on Monday. But this drill is a useful exercise for the shadow government to refine their plans for another run at a nuclear false flag some time in 2006.

From Charleston Post-Courier Friday, December 09, 2005:

"Don't get nervous, but terrorists will be attacking Charleston Harbor on Monday with a weapon of mass destruction.

Just kidding. It's only a simulation.

But be warned: It could look like the real thing, complete with armed bad guys and helicopters buzzing around. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is sponsoring a disaster preparedness drill involving more than 40 local, state and federal agencies to measure how well each group responds to a post-Sept. 11 catastrophe.

Because part of the drill will be visible to the public, officials are trying to get word of the event out now to head off a potential panic from anyone who might think Charleston is under attack.

Of particular concern are commuters crossing the Cooper River during Monday morning's rush hour who might see events unfold in the water beneath them.

"If people see any unusual activity around the harbor, it's most likely related to the exercise," said Marlene Phillips, a spokeswoman with Homeland Security.

The public is likely to see police boats in action, as well as helicopters, gun-toting security personnel, lots of flashing emergency lights and, potentially, fake casualties.

The method of Monday's mock attack isn't being disclosed. The intent is to keep the 300 area responders, which include medical personnel, police and rescue workers, off guard as to what they can expect to unfold. What is confirmed is that it will involve "a radiological incident."