FEMA determined to keep Katrina diaspora out of Louisiana

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

More outrageous shenanigans from FEMA. They've been intentionally sitting on billions of apporpriated dollars and refusing to give people trailers to put ont heir property whle they rebuild -- but they're more than happy to pay for them to leave. This is another component in the calculated federal genocide on the people and culture of New Orleans and Louisiana.

From Associated Press 12/17/2005:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is encouraging hurricane victims living in hotels to consider moving out of state — even temporarily — until more housing becomes available in southern Louisiana.

FEMA said it has a housing locator service that can help people find apartments or other housing but the agency's spokesman, James McIntyre, acknowledged that much of the available housing is located outside of Louisiana.

He said the federal agency has worked with real-estate agents and housing associations across the country, as well as governmental entities, to develop a list of available properties.

One of FEMA's challenges, McIntyre said, is to make people understand that housing in Louisiana is limited. "They have to accept the fact that there is not available housing stock in the areas where they came from."

Meanwhile, in Arkansas...
From KTHV 12/13:

"Arkansas Congressman Mike Ross says thousands of mobile homes ordered for Hurricane Katrina now sit empty in Arkansas. Ross says the empty homes represent a waste of taxpayer money. The Congressman added the homes will become worse as the trailers become mired in mud.

Ross sent a letter to acting Federal Emergency Management Agency director David Paulison. The letter said it's unacceptable for people to still be sleeping in tents and living in hotel rooms nearly four months after the tragedy, when more than 10,000 new and empty manufactured homes are waiting.

Thousands of empty mobile homes that FEMA ordered to house refugees in the wake of the August 29th Gulf Coast storm now sit empty at sites near Texarkana and Hope. Ross, whose district includes Hope, wrote that staging areas are overflowing with trailers. He described the Hope Municipal Airport's runways and tarmacs as overloaded with manufactured homes. Ross added extra homes are being put on surrounding fields and pastures.

According to Ross, these pastures and fields were not effectively prepared by FEMA, and when winter rains hit the 'gumbo' soil will cause the trailers carrying the manufactured homes to sink.