Messianic Expectations Soar with the Completion of the Blue Robe

December 17, 2005

Shofar Communications

By Ed Horner, Jerusalem Bureau Chief

Excitement permeated the air as the blue robe for the High Priest was put on display this week in the city of Jerusalem. Expecting the return of their long awaited Messiah upon the completion of the building of the Third Temple, the Temple Institute in Jerusalem is one step closer to the realization of their dream. With a majority of the implements and furniture for the Third Temple already completed, the Blue Robe to be worn by the next High Priest of Israel is a welcome addition.

The robe itself is an exquisite work of craftsmanship. Made to the strictest adherence to the Biblical text, the robe is completely woven of blue wool with 72 golden bells around the hem of the garment. It is decorated with dark blue embroidery around the edges and intricately woven pomegranates between each of the bells. Exodus 28 describes each of the garments the High Priest was to wear. After three years of hard work the Temple Institute has completed an authentic replica of "the robe of the ephod". Attention was given to every detail and the end result is stunning.

Jewish authorities believe that upon the completion and dedication of the Third Temple the Messiah will appear. In order for the Temple to be properly dedicated there must be a High Priest and the High Priest must be properly dressed. All of the garments for the next High Priest are now complete. The Jewish people have been waiting for 2000 years for the completion of the Third Temple and they are closer now than they have ever been to seeing the realization of that goal.

The culmination of many events in our lifetime seem to indicate an emanate appearance of the Jewish Messiah and the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. For the first time in 2000 years the Jewish people have a sovereign nation with Jerusalem as its capital. Jewish people are returning to their homeland by the thousands each year just as the Jewish prophets foretold. The Jewish people are also preparing for a Third Temple and have completed the High Priestly garments. Even the dye used in the Blue Robe is a direct indication of a Messianic appearance. It has been unavailable for thousands of years but is now readily available from a small crustacean which makes its home in the Mediterranean Sea. These are only a few of the prophecies that have been fulfilled in our lifetime which strongly suggest a soon appearance of the long awaited Messiah.

View a photo of the completed Blue Robe

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