9th of AV -- Why we Jews are concerned about this coming Wednesday

Jerry Golden Report

August 1, 2006

Every year on the 9th of AV (this year August 3rd) the Jews of Israel hold their breath hoping that nothing bad will happen. The 1st Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar on the 9th of AV, 586 BCE (BC); 2nd Temple was burnt down by the Romans under Titus on the same date in 70 CE (AD).

Many disasters have happened to the Jewish people on this date, since the fall of the 2nd Temple Tish’ah be-Av has been the date of terrible persecutions to the Jewish people. The Romans capture of Bar Kokhiba’s last stronghold (135 CE). On the same date the following year a pagan shrine erected on the Temple Mount. The exile of the Jews from medieval England 1290 and from Spain on the same date in 1492 and the slaughter of Jews during the Holocaust (Sho’ah) just to mention a few.

The war we are now faced with here in Israel and Lebanon is a very important phase in the war that many are now consider to be the beginning of the 3rd World War. If Israel is somehow forced to concede giving Hizbullah a perceived victory it will mean terrible things for the US and the world in general. What I find so amazing is how the UN and the EU continue to blame Israel for everything, never mentioning the terror of over 1700 rockets that has been fired into Israel, causing many deaths and injuries. Or the fact that Hizbullah is a terrorist organization that has taken over Lebanon. It is way past time that we try to understand why the UN and the EU never blame Islamic Arab (Terrorist) organizations, and the answer can be summed up in one world "OIL". No one wants to pay $20 a gallon for gas. Little Israel has no oil, in fact we have a very small piece of land to grow things on, and most of it was once considered worthless, but just as God has prophesied the Desert has bloomed.

Today we hear Hizbullah shouting "death to America" and if you think they are just shouting that for the fun of it, you have another shocking revelation coming right at you. And if Rice or Bush is forced somehow to join the cry for a premature cease-fire before we are able to destroy or at least seriously damage the military capabilities of Hizbullah. You will see millions in the Islamic Arab world join the cry "death to America" and Hizbullah will recruit them by the hundreds of thousands into their ranks.

In 1981 the world condemned Israel for destroying the Iraqi nuclear reactor, but today we are thanked for doing it. Once again it’s Israel that is on the front line against the enemy that wants to take over the world, but all we hear is condemnation from those we are actually saving. The rest of the world has a choice, to allow Israel to totally destroy Hizbullah here and now or fight them later on your own front doors.

I was a IDF soldier in the 1982 war when we went after the PLO for shooting these same deadly Katyushas rockets at us. We had Arafat backed up to the sea in west Beirut and ready to finish him and his group of terrorist off. But their rescuers came for them, it was the US 6th fleet. The US picked them all up at the docks in Beirut and took them to Tunis, they licked their wounds and today we are still fighting them because we were not allowed to finish the job. We don’t need that to happen again, and if anyone believes a multinational force will stop Hizbullah and all the other Islamic terrorist groups to become rational civilized folks, you have another thought coming. This is a spiritual war; good against evil and if I need to tell anyone who the good guys are I am wasting my time writing this article. This is a battle not only for Israel’s survival but quiet possibly for yours as well.

Daily I come in contact with Moslems and they all have the same detached look in their eyes, they have been completely taken over with the evil of Islam. They can only think of one thing to kill the Infidels (you and me). I am asked several times every week if I am frightened or if I plan to leave, the answer to both is NO, this is where God has placed us and this is where we will stay until the end, when or however that may occur. I know that God has called us to this Ministry and we will continue with ours eyes on Him and no other. Believing the Ruach Ha Koddesh to lead and guide us in the way we should and will go and that many Jewish lives will be saved. There is nothing the Devil would like more than to see you and others back away out of fear or wrong decisions. Knowing that this is a Body Ministry and everyone he can convince to turn away with their financial help is damage to what God has called us to accomplish in His Name. I have two prayers concerning this possibility, I pray daily that God will bless those who reach out to bless Israel be it this Ministry or any other in Israel. I pray that for every one the Devil is able to steal from the hands of God that a hundred more will take his or her place.

We are very close to moving this part of the ministry out in a very powerful way, and there has never been a time when your support is more important than today. If you will pray over this I know God will speak to you, just sit everything aside clear your mind of your daily problems and ask God to speak to you in your quiet time with Him.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, pray for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it. Shalom, jerry golden