Brazil has just approved the use of electronic chips in cars

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22 of November of 2006

Vehicles will be identified by electronic plates

Measure was published in this fourth. States will have 18 months to adapt themselves

São Paulo - the National Advice of Transit (Contran) approved the obligatoriness of the implantation of the National System of Automatic Identification of Veículos (SINIAV), that he will be capable to identify the vehicles of the Brazilian fleet. Composition for electronic plates that will have to contain the referring information to the number of the plate of the vehicle, chassis and Renavam code, the system will give conditions to implant action of combat the robbery and robery of vehicles and loads, beyond administration of the traffic control. The measure was published in Official gazette in this Wednesday, 22.

The electronic plates will be installed in the internal part of the front windscreen of the vehicle. In the case of the vehicles that do not possess windscreen, the equipment will be fixed in place that guarantees its full functioning. Also they will integrate the system antennas that will make the reading of the data and will be fixed in places defined for the State Departments of Transit.

To give beginning to the process of implantation of the system, the states and the Federal District will have 18 months. From then on, the stated period for conclusion is of 42 months to conclude the process.
In the state sphere it will be of responsibility of the State Departments of Transit (Detrans) the management of the system, as well as the implantation of the identification plates.

The drivers will have to be intent because after the definitive implantation of the system, who not to possess the plate of identification in the vehicle will be committing a serious infraction subject to the sanctions foreseen in article 237 of the Code of Brazilian Transit, that foresees fine of R$ 127,69, five points in the CNH and retention of the vehicle for regularization.