Chapter Headings And Explanations of "Riddles In Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C."

1) Corn, Wine, and Oil -- were used by Masons to "Masonically-lay" the cornerstone of every major building in the Capital. See the Scripture in Hosea where God complains that this ceremony was a ritual to Baal. Listen to a Masonic historian, 33rd Degree, admit that the ancient religions performed this ceremony to conjure up demons!

2) Sirius and the Washington Monument -- We reveal the importance to the Masons of the Egyptian Dog Star, Sirius, and we reveal that the Washington Monument was laid out according to the movement of the Dog Star, Sirius!

See the many symbols of Baal in the Capital, and see Baal resurrecting out of his grave!

Then, we reveal that the entire city was laid out "according to the stars", according to astrological and astronomical charts! Washington, D.C., was laid out according to pagan principles, which is why you see only pagan symbols in the entire Federal and L' Enfant Triangles.

We also reveal the sexual nature of the Washington Monument. And, we reveal the existence of a buried obelisk not far from base of the obelisk.

3) Masonic & Rosicrucian Republic -- The American government was established according to pagan principles, but "Plato's Republic" was especially instrumental in guiding our Founding Fathers.

4) "As Above, So Below" -- This occult maxim was THE most single important guiding principle in the planning of the architecture and street layout of Washington, D.C. This maxim literally means that events on earth must reflect the reality in the heavenlies. Literally, it means that, while the Ancient of Days rules the heavenlies, Lucifer rules the "Diabolical Regions", and they are equal, but opposites.

Washington, D.C., was established in right triangles because a right triangle is formed by the stars in the Constellation Virgo.

You will be shocked to your core to see that the Reflecting Ponds in Government Center were created specifically to visually conform to this "As Above, So Below" doctrine.

This section is the most visually impactful.

5) The L' Enfant Plan -- We reveal the tempestuous nature of the Masonic architect of the street layout and how important George Washington felt his original plans were.

6) A Masonic Agenda -- We reveal how the future plans for America and the world are spelled out in the "Riddles In Stone" architecture and sculptures of our nation's Capital.

7) Pythagoras, Skull & Bones, and the Bavarian Illuminati -- We demonstrate how Skull & Bones secret society was specifically created in order to bring the more benign original plan of our Founding Fathers into line with the firebrand revolutionary Masonry of Adam Weishaupt and his Masters of the Illuminati.

Listen as one Freemason historian and 33rd Degree Mason, stated that the "Bavarian Illuminati won" the battle, as the bloody events of the 19th and 20th Century attest! Cutting Edge has been teaching this for years.

8) The Phrygian Cap -- this is the cap worn by the revolutionaries of Zoroaster, of the Bavarian Illuminati, and of the blood-thirsty French Revolutionaries. Therefore, why is this Phrygian Cap found all over Washington, D.C., even to the point of being the centerpiece of every window in the Library of Congress?

You will discover truths which will shock you greatly.

9) The Pentagram -- We reveal the importance of the Pentagram to occultists, and that the Perfected Man of Masonry is symbolized by this symbol. We reveal that the Pentagram with the one point upward was the basis for the stars on our American flag. And, we reveal that the Pentagram with two points upward -- the Satanic Star of Mendes -- is the basis for the Pentagram in the street layouts just above the White House.

Most importantly, we answer the Masonic objection that the symbol of formed by the street layout just above the White House cannot be considered a Pentagram, because one of the sections is missing. Once you understand Black Magick Witchcraft, you will easily see why L' Enfant left out the exact piece of the Pentagram required by Ritual Magick!

10) "America's Destiny" -- We note the many quotes about "America's Destiny", and then we demonstrate that the ultimate "Destiny" is the Perfected Man sculpted in the tympanum above the National Archives Building facing Pennsylvania Avenue.

Can you believe that the Masonic Christ ruling over the New World Order is sculpted at this spot? How many times did you look at this scene, not realizing you were looking at the planned Masonic Christ?