Toddler Struggles for Life in Texas Hospital that Wants to Cut off Care

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April 9th, 2007

Emilio Gonzales is only 17 months old, and his mother, Catrina, is fighting the hospital to keep him alive. In Texas, the law says doctors can stop treatments if they feel it's necessary, even against the patient's will. Emilio's death will most likely ensue once the Texas hospital removes the respirator, and stops giving him doses of vitamins. While doctors aren't even sure what is causing the toddler's condition, they claim it would be a "futile" venture to keep him alive.

"This is so sad," says Suzanne Vitadamo, sister of Terri Schindler Schiavo. "That a hospital 'ethics' committee would vote to end the life of a child against his mother's wishes is unbelievable, especially since Emilio's condition has actually shown some improvement over the past several weeks."

"Vitadamo spoke recently with a mother from Madison, Wisconsin; whose seven-year-old daughter has a mitochondrial disease similar to the one Emilio is suspected of having. "This little girl was diagnosed as being in a so-called persistent vegetative state for the first three years of her life," Vitadamo says. "Her mother researched the disease and learned that hyperbaric oxygen treatment had shown some success in treating the condition. Today the once fragile little girl now attends school, against all odds, and much to the amazement of doctors who said she would not even live past the age of three."

Catrina is searching for a hospital to which she can transfer Emilio, since—by April 10th—they will pull all forms of life-sustaining treatment from him. This includes food, water, vitamins, and oxygen—anything administered via a tube. The time has come for prayer since only a miracle can rescue this tiny life.