by G. Edward Griffin

2007 March 15

Channel 4, Great Britain's public service television station, has done an excellent job of deconstructing the myth that the majority of scientists agree that Global Warming is caused by human activity. In this video you will see scores of world-class scientists, many of whom are credentialed professors in their fields, state flatly that Global Warming is caused by solar activity and that cycles like the one we are now experiencing have occurred many times throughout history. They prove their case with hard data showing that, over long periods of time, as sun-spot activity went up, so did Earth temperatures; and, as sun-spot activity waned, temperatures dropped. They show also that temperatures on Earth actually went down in previous years when human industrialization was increasing at its greatest rate.

Many people were persuaded of the legitimacy of human-induced Global Warming by the movie entitled An Inconvenient Truth, produced by Al Gore. In this movie, he demonstrated the connection between global temperatures and CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The wall-sized chart he used was dramatic and convincing. Now, however, you will hear climate scientists explain that, yes, there is a connection between global temperatures and CO2 levels, but the connection is just the reverse of what Mr. Gore said.

Gore said that, because the two trends were aligned, it was CO2 that was causing warming; when, in fact, it is the other way around. A rise in temperature heats up the oceans and causes them to release huge amounts of CO2, far more than any other source on the planet. Historical records show that a rise in temperature always came before a rise in CO2 and, conversely, a drop in temperature always preceded a drop in CO2. Yes, the two trends are locked together, as Gore dramatically illustrated, but CO2 levels are the result of the process, not the cause of it. Did Mr. Gore know this? If he didn’t, he is incompetent. If he did, he is corrupt. Either way, his audiences were terribly misled.

I was greatly relieved to see this production arrive on the scene, because I thought that no one in the controlled media would risk presenting the politically incorrect side of this issue, and I dreaded the thought that, if the job were to be done, I would have to do it myself, but I had neither the time nor the resources to take it on. So now it is done – except for one very important aspect of the story, which is the reason for this introduction.

The producers did an excellent job of laying out the scientific facts but they stopped short of answering the question WHY. They show that there is an endless flow of tax dollars from governments to support Global Warming research; they show that many scientists follow the grant money knowing that, if they want funding, they must support the Global Warming Myth; but they do not explain WHY this bias was created in the first place.

If you understand the present reality of global collectivism in which all governments are expanding at warp speed toward total control over their citizens, this phenomenon will be understandable. You will recognize the well-developed ploy to frighten us with a long list of threats to our personal security in order to soften us up for accepting this expansion of government power as reasonable and even necessary for our protection. Governments everywhere have perfected the art of exaggerating and, in some cases, even encouraging the forces of crime, pornography, illicit drugs, terrorism, killer diseases, and – yes – environmental apocalypse. Why? Because all of this justifies an endless stream of new laws that increase the power of government while diminishing the freedom of their citizens. Supreme power is the ultimate rush for politicians and bureaucrats, and it is acquired under the excuse of protecting us from harm. If the threat seems real enough and great enough, we are expected to meekly, even gratefully, accept the chains of our own enslavement.

That is the part missing from this documentary. In defense of the producers, it must be said that, if they had included this message, there is no chance the program would have been accepted by the BBC, which is largely controlled by the British government. As it is, I can imagine that there are powers within the government that are not happy by the release of this program, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a retraction, an apology, or at least a follow up program to counter the impact of this one. In any event, the truth is out in a highly accessible format, and it will be difficult to bury.

That’s where we come into the picture. If you are as impressed by the science and credentials of the experts as I am, and especially if you understand the deeper political implications behind the Global Warming Myth, then you will want everyone you know to see this program. Fortunately, it is on the Internet – for now, at least – entirely free, so it is easy to forward the link to everyone on your email list. If you are computer savvy, you also will want to download a copy to your own computer just in case it is removed from the Internet.

Here is the video

When sending this video to your friends, I urge you to include this analysis, because it is important for them to know that the real force behind the Global Warming Myth is not scientific error but political cunning.