President Bush Does Not Want To Mess With The Turks

The Voice of the White House

June 2, 2007

Washington, D.C., June 2, 2007: “It is one thing to bluff the Iranians and spin our wheels issuing regular idle threats about sanctions, invasion, bombings and so on but quite another to mess with Putin or the Turks. Cheney, who runs Bush like a hand-puppet, loathes Vladimir Putin with a real passion. Why?

Firstly, Cheney is mired in the long-dead Cold War and is incapable of realizing that Russia is no longer a Communist empire.

He is also enraged that Putin stopped the oligarchs from privatizing the Russian oil and gas resources and turning control of them over to American and British interests. Cheney is an oil man (former president of Halliburton) and Putin’s forced return of these immense resources to Russian governmental control may have been of immense value to the Russian economy, it devastated western oil people.

Cheney has supported the rebels in Chechen, gotten the CIA to foment a revolt in the Ukraine and now has pushed Bush into deliberately threatening Russia with American missiles on her western borders.

Liberal elements in Russia may view Putin as a potential dictator but he has in fact done more good for Russia than any head of state there since Peter the Great. The income from their oil and gas has greatly improved the economy in Russia and it is really ironic to note that after Communism imploded, the United States has an unparalleled opportunity to establish meaningful business ties with Russia…and blew it because greedy oil people wanted to control the Russian oil and gas fields and to hell with the locals.

Now, there is much talk about a new cold war, to Cheney’s delight. He and his puppet are a danger to world peace and should be retired to raise penguins in Antarctica.

Oil again is causing a very serious problem with Turkey. The rebellious and vicious Kurds have been stirring up trouble in that country for years. Now, the U.S. wants to get their hands on oil fields located in Kurdish territory in northern Iraq. They have supported the Kurds there against the Sunni and Shiite groups and the stupid Kurds have taken this as a sign of U.S. unlimited support.

Now they are launching guerrilla raids over the border into Turkey, killing military personnel as they go. Not unnaturally, the Turks are furious. They very strongly warned us to curb the Kurds or they would send troops into that area and wreak havoc with the locals. By last official count, the Turkish army has moved two full division to the border with Kurdish Iraq and are waiting for the signal from Ankara to attack.

Anyone who was in Korea will remember the Turkish contingent there. They are ferocious and very capable fighters as the British and Australians found out at Gallipoli in the First World War and the Chinese were terrified of them in Korea.

Persons unknown, but suspected, just blew up the main highway from Baghdad to northern Iraq but in any case, we can’t send a single soldier on it to support the Kurds and if we did, the Turks would probably kill them as well.

In 1955, the stupid CIA (Frank G. Wisner) promised the Hungarians that if they revolted against Russian control, the U.S. would send troops. They did and we didn’t.


Are we going to mix it up with Turkey? No, we are not. The utter stupidity of the Gold Dust Twins in the Middle East is simply not to believe. We will be fortunate if Bush and Cheney don’t start a major war by their chronic and moronic meddling in matters they do not, and never will, understand.”