Gallup: Jews Are Religious Group Most Supportive of Obama

By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

US News & World Report

October 2, 2009

Gallup reports that Jews are the religious group most supportive of Barack Obama in the United States. Sixty-four percent of American Jews express approval of Obama's job performance, compared with 52 percent of Americans at large. And though Jewish approval for Obama has dropped from 83 percent since January, that's in line with the falloff in support from the general public, suggesting—Gallup says—that Obama's Middle East and Iran policies have not disproportionately affected his image among Jews.

An interesting side note from Gallup:

American Jews' solid backing of Obama stands in contrast to Jewish opinion in Israel, where many are still taking stock of the new American president and trying to determine his long-term policy intentions for the Mideast. A recent poll of Jews in Israel, sponsored by the Jerusalem Post, found only 4% believing Obama's policies are "pro-Israel" and 35% calling them evenly balanced, while 51% said they are "pro-Palestinian." By contrast, a previous survey found 88% of Israelis believing George W. Bush's policies were "pro-Israel."