The Truth About Israel and the Palestinian Blockade Runners

The Daily Jot

June 1, 2010

An international incident is brewing in the wake of the Israeli attack of six cargo ships off the coast of Gaza. Tremendous public opinion pressure--not the truth--may ignite a fireball of diplomatic heat on Israel. But you need to know the truth. These so-called cargo ships tried to run a military blockade that was established by Egypt and Israel to prevent the terrorist group Hamas from refortifying. The Israeli Navy repeatedly warned the ships not to run the blockade. The some 700 pro-Palestinian activists carrying items banned for entry into Gaza ignored the warnings in hopes of creating an international conflict that they could use as a public relations lever against Israel.

Christian Broadcaster Earl Cox reports from Israel, "Israel made repeated offers to the ships that they come to the (Israeli) port of Ashdod and unload what the activists called humanitarian cargo. Israel guaranteed to pass along all of the items classified as humanitarian through the crossing to the Gaza strip. The ensuing confrontation was an orchestrated set-up by the radical activists to discredit Israel by creating world sympathy for the Palestinians. Those in the flotilla clearly chose a path of confrontation. They wielded steel rods, knives and in some instances, guns and other weapons, inflicting the first blow injuring members of the Israeli military who were attempting to board the ships for inspection."

AP reports that the Israeli commandos, armed with paintball guns and pistols as back ups, did not expect violent resistance upon boarding the sixth ship. The so-called peace activists, however, beat the Israelis with rods, tried to knife them, stripped them of their helmets, tried to hang them and were firing live rounds at them. The man who occupies the Oval Office released a statement saying he "deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy." At the same time, however, he is sending a several envoys to meet in Damascus with Hamas, breaking from longstanding US policy to not engage with terrorist groups.

While the American leader said he deeply regrets the loss of life perpetrated on terrorist supporters by an Israeli military acting in self defense, the White House still has not acknowledged the deaths of those BP employees who were killed in the gulf oil platform explosion. This should tell you something about where this president's heart really is. There has been continuous outreach to Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, as well as, Islamists with questionable backgrounds appointed to high positions in his administration. The Lord says in Genesis 12:3 of Israel, "I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curses thee." Wonder why our nation faces disaster economically and physically? Our leadership is against God.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson
Word of Life Ministry