Prince William Sets a Date!

Holly Scoop

June 11, 2010

We may finally see Prince William and Kate Middleton get married this year! Sources say the two have picked a tentative date for their nuptials this summer.

According to Ok! magazine, Price William told a reporter that he wanted to get married after his 28th birthday, which is coming up on June 21st!

People close to the royal family say William has picked July 29th as the wedding date because it’s the 30th anniversary of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding, which took place back in 1981.

A source says, "Princess Diana often dreamt of the great man her son William would one day become - and the fairytale wedding she would create for him. Prince William is planning to carry out his late mother's wishes down to the smallest detail."

Other rumors floating around suggest that William and Kate may marry in November in honor of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s November 1947 ceremony.

We’ve heard the rumors before, so we’re still skeptical, but we would love to see a grand royal wedding this summer, so fingers crossed!