'We do not serve FBI and CIA agents': Sochi restaurant that bans American spies

Daily Mail -- U.K.

7 February 2014

Russia has welcome the world to Sochi, but at least one restaurant in the Olympic host city is refusing to welcome some Americans inside.

'We do not serve FBI and CIA agents,' reads a curt sign outside an establishment near the slopes of Kransnaya Polyana - site of the Olympic skiing and snowboarding events.

The United States has sent its own security teams to Russia to protect its Olympic athletes amid threats of terrorist attacks - and no doubt a handful of secret agents are among them.

The wood-carved sign spotted by an Associated Press photo, who snapped a picture of the unnamed restaurant.

There's no word on whether current (or former) National Security Agency workers like Edward Snowden would be welcome.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told ABC that the former NSA contractor, who was granted asylum in Russia, would be allowed to attend the Winter Games in Sochi.

Many Cold War suspicions are alive and well between Russia and the United States. On Friday, a phone conversation about Ukraine's political future between two top US diplomats was posted on YouTube.

The State Department quickly blamed the Russian security services - a claim the Russians deny.

In May, Russian authorities arrested and then expelled a U.S. Embassy worker who was later confirmed to be an undercover CIA agent. The agent had set up a meeting with a Russian official in an attempt to to buy his cooperation.