Israel Is Preparing For War

American Friends of Magen David Odom

Email Alert Monday, 9/25/2017

Plans for the evacuations have already begun!

In anticipation of a major conflict with Hezbollah and Hamas, the terrorist groups that flank its borders, Israel is devising plans to evacuate a quarter of a million people from the country's periphery when war breaks out ... Tension is increasing in northern Israel as Hezbollah — the Islamic terrorist organization based in Lebanon — now has an estimated 100,000 missiles aimed at populated areas in Israel.

In southern Israel, terror attacks by Hamas — the Palestinian Islamic terrorist organization — are increasing, a development that served as a precursor to rocket attacks by the group in 2014 and which ultimately led to a war between Israel and the terror group.

MAGEN DAVID ADOM has been working around the clock to stockpile critical medical supplies in preparation for the inevitable attack.

The men and women of MAGEN DAVID ADOM are doing everything they can to prepare for war with the resources they have now — but they know that every major population center in Israel is at risk and every border is in danger.

If war broke out tomorrow on multiple fronts...MAGEN DAVID ADOM would struggle to have enough ambulances to care for the wounded. They will desperately need more bandages, respirators, IV kits, and trauma equipment to save the injured. And they'll need vastly greater amounts of emergency blood set aside to keep all their soldiers and civilians alive.

MAGEN DAVID ADOM needs your help to get ready for whatever dangers lay ahead for the people of Israel — and they need your help NOW! They need emergency medical supplies NOW! They need blood reserves NOW!

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