Terror Headlines


19 May 2003

First unconfirmed reports of female suicide bomber captured at Kadima southeast of Netanya

Escaped British terrorist still officially sought. Senior Israeli security officials say body washed up from Mediterranean last week is not positively identified as Omar Sharif. British government has not replied to Israel’s request for DNA samples or dental records to identify British citizen.

DEBKAfile Reveals: Advance Egyptian Jihad Islami team set up secret base in Tangiers months in advance of Casablanca attack, arriving from Belgium and Italy as well Egypt, Sudan and Yemen. String of bombing attacks killed 41, injured 70. Thirteen suicides' bodies found. One captured alive.

Senior Israeli Security sources: Hamas has been integrated in Arafat’s combined terrorist legion with Fatah and al Aqsa Brigades

Palestinian sources: Dahlan tells Sharon: Fatah and Hamas can put many thousands of supporters on West Bank-Gaza Strip streets in a trice. Abu Mazen and I are helpless to stand up to them.

Arafat has ordered Palestinian media to boycott Abu Mazen government releases and statements

Read DEBKAfile Exclusive Report below

Qassam rocket fired from Gaza Strip Monday hits building site outside Israeli town of Sderot. Two women suffer shock. In the north, another of Hizballah’s almost daily artillery barrages over northern Israel.

Palestinian suicider blows up bicycle packed with explosives at Israeli position near Kfar Darom in Gaza Strip early Monday. Three Israeli soldiers slightly hurt

West Bank placed under total closure after four Palestinian terrorist attacks in 12 hours took nine Israeli lives in Jerusalem and Hebron, prompting Sharon to postpone Washington trip and Tuesday meeting with Bush. White House hopes delay no more than days.

Attacks instigated by Arafat to sabotage first meeting between Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers Saturday night in Jerusalem. Jerusalem and Hebron suicide bombers disguised as religious Jews.