Global Terror Headlines

by DEBKAfile

21 May 2003

CIA chief Tenet was in Riyadh Tuesday ahead of US elevation of terror alert to high (orange) and decision by US, UK and Germany to temporarily shut down missions in Saudi Arabia. They responded to intelligence warnings of imminent al Qaeda action.

White House spokesman referred Tuesday to concerns about threats - not only to Americans abroad but Americans at home. UK foreign office advised citizens in Saudi kingdom to be vigilant for possible al Qaeda chemical and biological attack.

Also Tuesday, Saudis detained three al Qaeda members in Jeddah

Israel went on highest alert for terror attack Tuesday - indefinitely

In West Bank town of Nablus, big explosives lab blown up in secret basement of house in Casbah. Found there six bomb belts, 25 kilos explosives, ball-bearings

In their first conversation, US President Bush stressed to Palestinian prime minister Abu Mazen his commitment to two-state vision, urged all parties to fight terror. US President also called Sharon with condolences for 12 Israeli lives claimed in six Palestinian suicide attacks this week and absolute commitment to Israel's security

Third fatality named day after joint Fatah-Jihad Islamic suicide attack on Afula shopping mall. He is security guard Cirill Sharmenko, 23, from Afula, who kept suicide bomber out of precinct. Other two are Zvi Zarihan, 36, from Beit Shean and Hassan Tawatha, 41, from Jissar a-Zerka.

Hundreds of Beit Hanoun residents held furious protest Tuesday against Palestinian terror groups whose Qassem rocket offensive against southern Israel prompted five-day IDF incursion ending Tuesday.

Israeli military demolished 15 homes - Hamas-owned or firing positions and flattened orchards providing cover - leaving many residents of North Gazan town homeless.

DEBKAfile Reveals: Advance Egyptian Jihad Islami team set up secret base in Tangiers months in advance of Casablanca attack, arriving from Belgium and Italy as well Egypt, Sudan and Yemen. String of bombing attacks killed 41, injured 70. Thirteen suicides' bodies found. One captured alive.