Global Terror Alert Headlines


22 May 2003

DEBKAfile Exclusive Reveals: Three Moroccan al Qaeda suspects detained at Jeddah airport Monday planned to hijack a Saudia airliner and crash it over Israel in 9/11-style suicide attack. High Israeli terror alert includes round-the-clock Air Force patrols against such contingencies. Read More below

FBI investigates explosion in empty classroom at Yale law school believed to be a bomb. No one is hurt. President’s daughter Barbara is Yale undergraduate

White House voices high level of concern about threats voiced by Bin Laden’s No. 2 Zuwahri against West. Experts working to authenticate his voice on audiotape broadcast Wednesday by al Jazeera TV

Zuwahri called on Muslims to force Western criminals from lands of Islam by attacking them and emulating September suicide hijacking in USA. Iraqis are not alone in fighting US occupation.

They must hit embassies of America, England, Australia and Norway, their interests, companies and employees. “Americans and Jews only understand language of murder, bloodshed and burning towers.”

Last DEBKA-Net-Weekly revealed on May 16, that Bin Laden and Zuwahri are personally directing latest terror offensive from their command post in southern Saudi town of Assir

Tightened American security measures against terrorists include patrols on New York’s bridges and tunnels, anti-air missile batteries deployed around Washington DC

US military terror alert elevated to “high” Tuesday in line with civilian alert following intelligence warning that al Qaeda had entered operational period worldwide including in US. Decision followed talks in Riyadh by CIA chief Tenet.

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, security measures stepped up across America, with extra precautions for public gatherings.

Private flights will be banned over sport stadiums, small private planes kept out of 17.25 mile-radius of Washington Monument, those destined for Washington area airports must land first at Tipton for checks.