Jeff Rense Interviews Dr. Robert Lee and Dr. Patricia Doyle About SARS

Notes from 5/21/03 program: Primarily 1:45 - 2:00 hours into the program:

Jeff Rense interviewed Dr. Patricia Doyle also she complimented Dr. Lee
early on as being the only one who had come up with "effective
therapies" to treat the SARS corona virus in patients. Early on in the
interview Rense that the US govt and its agencies as well as foreign
governments and agencies were hitting the website everytime Dr. Lee
posted new information. Dr. Lee confirmed that "several universities in
China" had contacted him and requested his research and information for
treatment of SARS having seen it mentioned on the Rense site. He has
been in correspondence with them via email to help the Chinese!

He told the Chinese university contacts that "they should treat it as an
auto-immune disorder".

These therapies are exclusively drug therapies to treat HIV and AIDS
patients. In other words to suppress the "hyper or auto-immune reaction
of the body" as described later in detail by Dr. Robert E. Lee Phd.

Dr. Lee reiterated that his latest findings were that SARS virus
mimicked T-Cell activities in the body's immune response so it could
invade and cause a massive or hyper auto-immune response very comparable
in his description to a "graft vs. host" reaction where wrong tissue
type was grafted or transplanted from one person to another and the host
body triggered a virulent rejection of it!

The bomb shell was that when asked again by Rense what he thought was
the origin and implications of this SARS corona virus, Dr. Lee stated
that it was either a new species of natural but "bizarre" virus
previously and absolutely unknown to science combining both human and
animal or bird viruses (not a natarual or evolutionary occurrence), or
"IF" it was "human created agent" made it was designed to have the most
viruses it could contain and was in his words and Rense's a "terrible
concotion" "done to pick the worst of the worst" in terms of deadly and
virulent virus DNA and attributes including Hepatitis C, porkuline
diarrhea, aviary flu etc.

In other word it confirms the worst virus known to man that is
essentially a "coughing AIDS". [Our words, not Dr. Lee's]

Dr Lee stated that it is on track to grow exponentially with 10-15K
cases worldwide by the end of the month. Rense asked him if it could
mutate into a far worse virsu and Dr. Lee said yes it could especially
being a "new virus " emerging.

The mortality rate for SARS is currently 8% but could rise to 15%
according to Dr. Lee but that if it is not mutating again.

Rense's last guest was a Respiratory Therapist from Southern Cal. who
claims she has been treating and been exposed to SARS in Southern Cal
hospitals. She claims that health officials are not taking anywhere the
necessary and prudent steps to protect health care workers the hospital
and possible disease spread etc. She is screaming about this, but it is
being hushed up. She says there has been 20 deaths in the last 30 days
at her hopsital from SARS. Demographics are only 1 was Asian the rest
mostly caucasian and older persons from their 60's to 80's.

Thus, SARS may be mutating again, as all viruses do, this time to infect non-Asians.

She stated that the ones that died had other significant health problems
and if it they had HIV/AIDS or cancer they were goners!!

This nurse has SARS!!

Cutting Edge Notes of 5/21/03 Jeff Rense Radio Program pertinent exerpts