Israel - Palestinian Terror News

by DEBKAfile

23 May 2003

Nine Israeli injured – two moderately - when heavy anti-tank explosive device hits Israeli bus on way from Karni crossing to Netzarim Friday. Near Rafah, border guards blow up 30-kilo bomb in controlled explosion.

Hebron house is surrounded by Israeli forces to force surrender of wanted terrorist linked to episode of captured Egyptian boat carrying Hizballah bomb expert to Gaza Strip

Sharon will present revised Middle East road map for Israeli cabinet approval Sunday.

DEBKAfile: Two main revisions are: 2005 date for Palestinian state is no deadline but conditional on conclusion of Israel-Palestinian negotiations; Israeli non-recognition of 1948 Palestinian refugees right to return.

After Israeli approval, White House promises public presidential endorsement. To gain right-wing ministers’ consent, Sharon will stress this endorsement will be first time Washington openly rejects Palestinian refugee return claim

Israeli navy Wednesday intercepted boat smuggling Hizballah terrorists into Gaza Strip at Arafat’s request.

DEBKAfile reports exclusively: Captured aboard was Hizballah bomb specialist Hamad Amara bringing formula for secret super-powerful tank-busting explosive for handing over with special instruction to Fatah, Hamas and Jihad Islami terrorists in Gaza Strip.

Captured boat was Egyptian “Abu Hassan”. It was boarded by Hizballah fighters from Lebanese boat when two craft rendezvoused at sea.

Operation instigated by Arafat was directed by two aides: deputy Palestinian navy commander Fathi Razem and Palestinian Authority procurements director Adel el Mughrabi