Israel Headlines

24 May 2003


IDF paratroops, tanks and Border Guards go into Tulkarm refugee camp on West Bank early Saturday, impose curfew for house to house search in response to warnings of new suicide teams ready to strike. Two American pro-Palestinian activists detained

Powell: Up to ten US intelligence and security experts will be sent to coordinate Israeli, Palestinian implementation of road map – eventually as monitors. Washington warns Arafat to stop obstructing Mahmoud Abbas. French FM Villepan will meet Arafat and Abbas Monday

Bush says Friday considering three-way summit with Sharon and Abu Mazen during his European tour early June – possibly in Geneva or Sinai resort Sharm al-Sheikh – depending on terror situation in region

Sharon expects majority support for amended ME road plan in Israeli cabinet Sunday alongside criticism from his own Likud

DEBKAfile: Two main revisions are: 2005 date for Palestinian state is no deadline but conditional on conclusion of Israel-Palestinian negotiations; Israeli non-recognition of 1948 Palestinian refugees right to return.

After Israeli approval, White House promises public presidential endorsement. To gain right-wing ministers’ consent, Sharon will stress this endorsement will be first time Washington openly rejects Palestinian refugee return claim

Israeli-Lebanese border region tense as Hizballah prepares Saturday to mark third anniversary of Israeli military evacuation of south Lebanon