by Barry Chamish

I know Sharon accepted the roadmap to extinction and many of my
readers are in shock. Well, I'm not going to react because I told you he
would when you foolishly went to the polls and voted for him. Yes, Israel
Police mysteriously could not find enough evidence to investigate Yossi
Ginosar and the $300 million dollars plus of Arafat's stolen money he hid
in Switzerland. The police didn't even bother with obvious tax evasions and
similar felonies. We know why they are protecting him and I told you it was
inevitable. The peace team is immune from prosecution. Period!

So Israel police is not going to investigate the following swiming
accident either:
On the last night of April 2003, two terrorists tried to enter a
popular Tel Aviv watering hole, Mike's Place. The security guard suspected
them and blocked their entry. So one terrorist blew himself up, murdering
the guard and three patrons. But the other terrorist, one Omar Sharif,
failed in his massacre attempt because, we are told, his explosives' belt
refused to ignite. Thus, he ran off into the night and was subject to an
international manhunt.

By May 1, a holy day in the New World Order calendar, we learned that
the terrorists were British citizens who had taken a long odyssey from
London, to Damscus, back to London, on to Jordan, through the West Bank,
then finally to Tel Aviv for their final act. Now why all the trouble? Is
there a shortage of brainwashed suicide candidates in Gaza?
Then barely two weeks after he disappeared into the Tel Aviv
humidity, Sharif's body was found washed up on a Tel Aviv beach. The police
reported he drowned but so far, haven't said when. The Israel police
spokesman admitted the circumstances of his demise were, "mysterious" and
"barely explainable," and promised to get to the bottom of the case. They
won't because they won't be allowed to.

So let us try to, using the few facts at hand. A suicide bomber flies
from Britain, makes a few stops, fails in his mission and walks to a Tel
Aviv beach and drowns because:

* After a long night of terror, he felt like a refreshing dip in the

* Having failed to murder his quota of people, he went after fish.

* He was trying to dogpaddle to the Gaza Swimming Club.

* He was hoping to break the world breast-stroke record by swimming
to England.

* He was testing if his explosives were waterproof.

* He mistook his belt for a life preserver, a common error among
surfing Semtex users.

* He was quickly apprehended, interrogated under duress, drowned
after he spilled all he knew and thrown into the sea.

I would guess he was dumped at sea and his body wasn't meant to roll
into shore. And I have no problem with the elimination of terrorists. But
this time around, you can bet your bottom shekel, he knew too much about a
much broader plan to be kept alive for trial.

An observation: I am sitting with my daughter and her two identical
twin friends at a restaurant/store at Latrun junction. A northern European
UN soldier in civies passes and mutters so we all hear, " Jews. We
should kill them all." Why are we allowing the UN into our country?

A comment: Somebody throws a pro-Israel show in Washington and
invites airhead crooner Achinoam Nini. She refuses to sing the Israeli
national anthem, Hatikvah because of the line: "For two thousand years, the
Jewish heart has yearned to be a free people in its own land." It's a
disgrace justified in the Jerusalem Post by one Greer Faye Cashman who
explained that Israel is also home to Muslims, Christians and Druze.
Now using this boneheaded thinking, why sing God Save The Queen when
atheists abound in the British Empire, or what's left of it? Why have a
star of David on the flag when clearly a cross and crescent should be
added? Why call the country Israel at all?

And it just this kind of profound peace thinking that Sharon, under
partial duress, is hoping will prevail by not saying no to the Roadmap.


But those of us who see through the machinations will prevail because
we caught the "peacemakers" in a clumsy murder of gargantuan proportions.
The following legal declaration was signed in Tel Aviv on May 21,
witnessed by Yaacov Verker, chairman of the Public Committee For The
Reinvestigation of the Rabin Murder:

I, Amos Ben Dov (identity number) do declare the following to be the truth;

1. On Saturday 4/11/95, I was the manager of the branch of the security
company which guarded Ichilov Hospital.

2. After hearing of the prime minister's assassination, I arrived at the
hospital to oversee the crew responsible for public order. Because of my
duty, I was given free reign to work throughout the hospital compound.

3. During the course of the night. I approached the prime minister's
Cadillac, parked opposite the entrance of the Trauma Center. The vehicle
was locked and was parked in a haphazard way. I looked inside via the front
windshield and saw two large bloodstains; The first was just beyond the
middle of the backseat, the second was on the front passenger seat beside
the driver's seat. At the time, I supposed that the backseat bloodstain was
the prime minister's and that in the front seat was the bodyguard's. I was
later surprised to learn the bodyguard's wounds were insignificant compared
to the prime minister's, yet the bloodstains were of the same proportion.
The prime minister succumbed to his wounds while the bodyguard easily
survived. Yet the stains on the seats were about the same size. I called a
security guard, Tsur, who was responsible for hospital security (and I
believe still is), to look inside the vehicle. He looked within without a
noticeable reaction.

4. At the time, I assumed the frontseat bloodstain was the bodyguard's,
despite its unusual size. Later, I learned the bodyguard never sat in the
front seat and I couldn't imagine any circumstance where he would move to
the front seat. For this reason, I concluded that something else must have

5. I declare this to be the truth. Amos Ben Dov.

With courageous and honest Jews like Amos Ben Dov, we're going to get the
"peacemaking" murderers before they get us. Beware Sharon, moral Jews are
out there!