Palestinian State Declared

Arutz-7 News

4 June 2003

The Aqaba Summit - Sharon, Bush, Abdullah, Abbas - has ended, bringing hope to some, and trepidation to others that once again Israel will pay a heavy price in exchange for nothing. "Today may very well be registered in history as the 'naqba' - the day of catastrophe - for Israel," said MK Dr. Aryeh Eldad (National Union).

Following morning meetings between Sharon/Bush, Sharon/Abdullah, and Bush/Abbas, the leaders of the three main parties to the current diplomatic process - Bush, Sharon, and Abbas - sat together for the actual summit meeting. Afterwards, each of them delivered their "historic"

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon made several points, namely:

* the importance of security for Israel and an end to terrorism;
* support for a democratic Palestinian state with territorial contiguity;
* a step-by-step process of implementation of the Road Map;
* and his intention to immediately remove 'unauthorized outposts.'

Excerpts: Prime Minister Sharon of Israel

"As the Prime Minister of Israel, the land which is the cradle of the Jewish people, my paramount responsibility is the security of the people of
Israel and of the State of Israel. There can be no compromise with terror and Israel, together with all free nations, will continue fighting
terrorism until its final defeat. Ultimately, permanent security requires peace and permanent peace can only be obtained through security, and there
is now hope of a new opportunity for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. "Israel, like others, has lent its strong support for President Bush's
vision, expressed on June 24, 2002, of two states - Israel and a Palestinian state - living side by side in peace and security...

"It is in Israel's interest not to govern the Palestinians, but for the Palestinians to govern themselves in their own state. A democratic
Palestinian state fully at peace with Israel will promote the long-term security and well-being of Israel as a Jewish state.

"There can be no peace, however, without the abandonment and elimination of terrorism, violence, and incitement. We will work alongside the
Palestinians and other states to fight terrorism, violence and incitement of all kinds. As all parties perform their obligations, we will seek to
restore normal Palestinian life, improve the humanitarian situation, rebuild trust, and promote progress toward the President's vision…

"We can also reassure our Palestinian partners that we understand the importance of territorial contiguity in the West Bank, for a viable,
Palestinian state. Israeli policy in the territories that are subject to direct negotiations with the Palestinians will reflect this fact. "We accept the principle that no unilateral actions by any party [ed. note: understood to mean "settlements"] can prejudge the outcome of our

"In regard to the unauthorized outposts, I want to reiterate that Israel is a society governed by the rule of law. Thus, we will immediately begin
to remove unauthorized outposts…"

The PA's Abbas recognized Israel's right to exist, but did not specify "as a Jewish state" - meaning that he did not make any concessions on the
'right of return' of Arab refugees to Israel. He similarly did not promise to dismantle the terrorist infrastructures, but sufficed with a commitment
to "end the armed uprising."

Abbas, who served as treasurer of Fatah and doled out the money for many terrorist attacks over the course of several decades, said that terrorism is "inconsistent with our religious and moral traditions."He also equated between Palestinian and Jewish suffering throughout
history; said he would "end the militarization of the intifada;" promised to allow weapons only in the hands of those "who are in charge of upholding
law and order;" and promised to "act vigorously against incitement and violence and hatred."

Excerpts, as published by CNN:

"…Our goal is two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security. The process is the one of direct negotiations to end
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to resolve all the permanent status issues and end the occupation that began in 1967 under which Palestinians
have suffered so much. At the same time, we do not ignore the suffering of the Jews throughout history. It is time to bring all this suffering to an end.

"Just as Israel must meet its responsibilities, we, the Palestinians, will fulfill our obligations for this endeavor to succeed. We are ready to do
our part. Let me be very clear: There will be no military solution for this conflict, so we repeat our renunciation and the renunciation of terrorism
against the Israelis wherever they might be. Such methods are inconsistent with our religious and moral traditions… We will exert all of our efforts
using all our resources to end the militarization of the intifada and we will succeed. The armed intifada must end, and we must use and resort to
peaceful means in our quest to end the occupation and the suffering of Palestinians and Israelis.

"And to establish the Palestinian state, we emphasize our determination to implement our pledges which we have made for our people and the
international community, and that is the rule of law, single political authority, weapons only in the hands of those who are in charge of
upholding the law and order, and political diversity within the framework of democracy.

"Our goal is clear and we will implement it firmly and without compromise: a complete end to violence and terrorism...

"We will also act vigorously against incitement and violence and hatred, whatever their form or forum may be. We will take measures to ensure that there is not incitement emanating from Palestinian institutions. We must also reactivate and invigorate the U.S.-Palestinian-Israeli anti-incitement committee."

U.S. President George Bush, speaking last, began by saying that America, and he personally, are "strongly committed to Israel's security as a
vibrant Jewish state." Bush said that the summit participants all "share a goal: The Holy Land must be shared between the state of Palestine and the
state of Israel, living at peace with each and with every nation of the Middle East."

He then ticked off the responsibilities of each side:

"I welcome Prime Minister Sharon's pledge to improve the humanitarian situation in the Palestinian areas and to begin removing unauthorized
outposts immediately. I appreciate his gestures of reconciliation on behalf of prisoners and their families, and his fine statements about the need for
territorial contiguity.

"As I said yesterday, the issue of settlements must be addressed for peace to be achieved. In addition, Prime Minister Sharon has stated that no
unilateral actions by either side can or should prejudge the outcome of future negotiations. The prime minister also recognizes that it is in Israel's own interest for Palestinians to govern themselves in their own state…

"Prime Minister Abbas… has pledged to consolidate Palestinian institutions, including the security forces, and to make them more accountable and more democratic. He has promised his full efforts and resources to end the armed intifada. He has promised to work without compromise for a complete end of violence and terror… Both prime ministers here agree that progress toward peace also requires an end to violence and the elimination of all forms of hatred, and prejudice and official incitement, in school books, in broadcasts and in the words used by political leaders.

Both leaders understand that a future of peace cannot be founded on hatred and falsehood and bitterness.

"…My government will provide training and support for a new, restructured Palestinian security service. And we'll place a mission on the ground, led by Ambassador John Wolf. This mission will be charged with helping the parties to move toward peace, monitoring their progress and stating clearly who is fulfilling their responsibilities…

"I've also asked Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice to make this cause a matter of the highest
priority. Secretary Powell and Dr. Rice, as my personal representative, will work closely with the parties, helping them move toward true peace as
quickly as possible…"


Closing Remarks by Cutting Edge: Thus, with these beautiful words, President Bush, Israeli Prime Minister Sharon, and Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas declared a Palestinian State! Within minutes of the conclusion of this summit, the terrorist group, Hamas, rejected Abbas' conciliatory remarks and his goals of a peaceful Palestinian State that would live peaceably with Israel.

However, the important matter is this: A Palestinian State has been declared, after 4 full decades of endless battle. Thus has Isaiah 34:12 been fulfilled:

"They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there..." [Isaiah 34:12]

The context here is the House of Edom and their judgment at the hands of Almighty God! Bible prophecy has been fulfilled in your Daily News as the world continues its steady march to the planned World War III, the appearance of Antichrist, the Rapture of the Church shortly thereafter, and the "confirmation of the covenant", which starts the 7-year-clock ticking on the Tribulation Period [Daniel 9:27]

The world is on its way!