News Source: FEMA Ready To Spring Into Action Against Wildfire

KOB - Eyewitness News 4 - Albuquerque

6-25-03 Update
Yesterday's fires were contained.
At about 20:15, Tonight 2 new fires erupted. APD has taken an individual in for questioning. This individual was at the fire scene with 4 bags, 1 containing a blow torch.

The community of Dietz Farms has been evacuated. Fire is threatening businesses and homes.

The fire is about 1/8 mile from my home. We are packed and ready to evacuate if necessary.

Gov Bill Richardson has returned to Albuquerque from the Capitol - Santa Fe. He gave a news conference at about 12:07 6-26-03. He states that FEMA will cover 75% of the cost of fighting the fire. He states that FEMA Type I management team has been set up. Medivacs, Humvees (? spelling), ATVs are targeted to act at sunrise 05:00. Fixed wing aircraft will also be used.

Gov. Richardson states that he has been in contact with Congresswoman Heather Wilson and Congressman Jeff Bingaman. Congress reps will "cut through red tape" to get FEMA assistance.

Winds at the Airport will be gusting at about 45 miles/hr. Visibility will be poor. This may affect air travel through Albuquerque. Unusual winds and cold front for this time of year in this area!

Apparently the "weather changes," will assist in containing the fires.

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ABQ Online - Albuquerque, New Mexico Television, TV stations
An AT&T tower (used for cell phones) has been shut down and PNM is contemplating cutting power for "security reasons." The security reasons were not given.