Terror Continues Even As Israel Continues Making Concessions

by DEBKAfile

5 July 2003

One Palestinian killed, two more injured in explosion early Saturday near new Palestinian police post beside Gaza Strip Sufa checkpoint. Friday night, explosive device was hurled at nearby Israeli patrol, mortar shells and grenades fired on Israeli civilians and IDF patrols. Palestinian police exchange fire in Shati refugee camp with “Popular Resistance Committee” terror suspects.

US monitors led by John Wolf begin on-site inspections this week along with Israel-Palestinian negotiations on further Israeli troop withdrawals on West Bank. Palestinians want Ramallah or Hebron next.

Israel cabinet debate promised Sunday on controversial list of 1,200 Palestinian prisoners decided on by prime minister, of whom 62 Freed up until Friday.

Most senior is Palestinian minister Dahlan’s former deputy Suleiman Abu Mutlaq, planner of Israeli school bus blast two years ago in which three children of one family lost lower limbs. Four Likud MKs demand at least that freedom of killers be non-negotiable

Lebanese Friday media deny that three bodies found in eastern Lebanon were Israeli MIAs, claim they are Palestinians - one a woman. Hizballah radio report of Thursday suggested the remains were of three Israeli soldiers missing from Sultan Yakub battle in 1982 Lebanon war: Yehuda Katz, Zvi Feldman and Zachariah Baumel. Israeli defense ministry is checking claims and counter-claims.