Chris Pinto Biography

Christian J. Pinto is the founder of Adullam Films, a Christian film ministry dedicated to promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ through film and video production.

His documentary series on the working of secret societies in America has won top awards at New York and Los Angeles film festivals, and has been honored with several Telly Awards. The series is titled, Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings and is produced in three parts:

Volume I: The New Atlantis,

Volume II: Riddles in Stone, the Secret Architecture of Washington D.C., and

Volume III: Eye of the Phoenix, Secrets of the Dollar Bill.

Pinto’s other films include:

Megiddo: The March to Armageddon,

Megiddo II: The New Age,

The Kinsey Syndrome,

His most recent documentary is the newly released film, A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible.