A Cancer Survivor's Journey Back To Good Health
by Stephanie Hedgepath

In 1996, I heard the words that no one wants to hear: I was diagnosed with colon cancer. There is no history of cancer in my family. The symptoms were few and I was hit suddenly with debilitating pain. Due to the swift action of my physicians, I was in the hospital within a week for surgery. The prayer chains were active and I had Christians all over the world praying for me. The surgery proved more challenging than expected and I was given a rather grim prognosis. After radiation therapy I began a year of chemo treatments. My family physician was concerned that I do all I could to boost my immunity and recommended that I start taking 'Prime One' and 'Brekhman’s Gold', an adaptogen supplement. Dr. Martin (my physician) had done extensive research on the subject and was convinced that this was something that I should begin. The only place I could get it at the time was at the local health food store. It was difficult to obtain as they always seemed to be out of it. It was also expensive! But I persisted in taking it - when I could get it.

In the late 1940’s the Russian scientist, Dr. Israel Brekhman, was sent on a research expedition to study the long lifespan of the people in the area he was studying. In his observations, Dr. Brekhman noticed one constant among these long-lived people--the consumption of certain rare plants. After exhaustively studying these plants, he eventually penned "adaptogens" for their unique ability to help the host adapt to stress. He believed that by consuming adaptogens, a living person could significantly improve his/her health, athletic performance and life expectancy. The Soviet government commissioned him to develop a formula that could be used by the government elite and athletes (especially in light of the uproar of steroid use in the Olympics). When AMS acquired the exclusive worldwide distribution rights of Dr. Brekhman’s formulas in 2001, our own Dr. Martin signed on to become an AMS distributor. We finally signed on in 2006 as AMS distributors only so we could obtain the product at cost. As I write this testimony in May, 2008, I have been cancer free for 14 years – not bad for someone thought to be terminal. I give the glory to God for my cure and know it is due to the prayers of my brothers and sisters in Christ that kept me from being consumed by the cancer in my body.

Today, I am at home recuperating from my second foray into major abdominal surgery due to complications from the surgery done in 1996. Again, my prayer cover was extensive and though the surgery proved to be even more involved than they first thought, I came through extremely well and had very little pain post-op. After a week-long stay in the hospital I came home and am better each and every day. My surgeon remarked to my husband that they rarely saw someone as sick as I was, at my age (61) coming in for such serious surgery be in such good health! My blood work numbers were all excellent and my general state of health rather remarkable, especially considering that I not only was suffering from adhesions of the small intestines to my bladder (the original purpose of the surgery), but that those intestines had formed multiple adhesions to each other and also had multiple perforations that were leaking fecal matter into my abdominal area resulting in a spreading abscess. These perforations were caused by a deteriorating mesh sling used in the original surgery 14 years ago to keep my intestines out of the radiation area. I attribute my good health to the fact that we are careful to eat wholesome whole foods and that I’ve been on 'Prime One' concentrate and 'Saba' steadily for two years. Prior to that I had used 'Brekhman’s Gold' when I could get it. As I stated above, we joined AMS only to obtain the product. I’m not a very good salesperson – but 'SABA' is one product in which I believe as I have seen the results of taking it and I would like to share it with anyone seeking a healthier way of life.

My husband, Jim, has also become an enthusiastic user of AMS products. Five years ago he was badly out of shape from sitting at a desk all day and his hamstring muscles in his legs had tightened to the point that he could not get out of a chair or a car without pulling himself up with his arms; kneeling was also quite painful. His shoulder muscles had atrophied so badly that when he tried to lift some wall board to do some home repairs, he tore the rotator cuff in his shoulder. After 6 months of physical therapy he was beginning to get in shape but his endurance was poor. We went on a trip to Virginia and Jim decided to do a short 1 mile hike in the mountains up to Humpback Rock. He had to stop and rest every few hundred yards. Since he enjoyed hiking, he began to exercise, eat right, and soon added SABA to his diet.

Jim now takes 'SABA' regularly and uses other AMS products too. He is now a very active hiker and backpacker and likes the strenuous wilderness hikes and climbing to mountain tops. At 57 years old, he recently hiked the Coosa backcountry trail which is 13 miles with a 5800 foot altitude increase. The sign at the beginning of this hike warns you to take more than one day to do this hike because it is so strenuous. Vogel state park - where the trail begins - requires that you get a permit to hike, wear an identification tag on your back pack, and check in when you get back the next day. Jim started the hike at 9am and completed it at 4:15 pm the same day, 7 hours and 15 minutes later. Then he went hiking again the next day for another 10 miles. Jim takes the 'Prime One' concentrate when we travel and he loves the AMS Spark of Life which he adds to his smoothies for the potassium and energy so important to anyone engaged in athletic pursuits. At 57 he seems to be speeding up rather than slowing down. What a change in four years! He now says he wants to hike he entire Appalachian trail - 2150 miles.

Jim and I believe that good diet, exercise and the right supplements play an essential role in good health and endurance. I look forward to hiking the mountains again with him later this year.

Personal Note From Jim:

Stephanie and I have come a long way in improving our health by changing our diet and adding exercise to our daily routine. When Stephanie learned that AMS would be the new supplier of her supplement we both decided that it would be best to become a dealer and buy it from ourselves at a lower price which made it possible for me to take the SABA and Spark of Life and what a difference it has made in my endurance on the trail. The photo at the right is me on top of preaching rock on the Appalachian trail where I met a homeless man who lives on the trail. He was an agnostic but on that day I shared my faith in Jesus as we sat and talked while I cooked lunch and enjoyed what God had made.

Our Bible tells us that as believers our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit:

1) 1Cr 6:19, and 1Cr 3:17 says "If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which [temple] ye are."

2) Romans 12:1 says "present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God".

My reading about health issues taught me that the vast majority of free radicals that exist in your body at any given moment can be traced back to environmental toxins, such as industrial pollutants, household chemicals, cigarette smoke, plus physical stressors, such as unhealthy oils, food preservatives, and the wide variety of chemicals that are found in almost all highly refined foods, the chlorinated water we drink and emotional stress. I learned how antioxidants and adaptogens can counteract the damage free radicals do to the body and the AMS products give us the adaptogens and antioxidants we need to aid us in that battle.

The other possibility that AMS afforded was selling to others and helping them to become dealers also. We were not interested in that aspect of the AMS opportunity and have not pursued it.We just wanted to get the best pricing we could for our own use. I do want to tell you how this product has helped us to regain good health and encourage you to improve your own health! If you wish to pursue the other business AMS opportunities, I wish you the greatest success and will help in any way I can.

Now let's go hiking.


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