Thesis Vs. Anti-Thesis=Synthesis


This political cartoon was created by Robert Minor and run in the St. Louis- Dispatch newspaper in 1911. At this point in history, the link between Karl Marx's Communism and Capitalism was far more widely known than today.

Karl Marx is being given a ticker-tape parade down Wall Street. Marx has his thesis on Socialism (Communism) tucked under his arm, as he is being greeted by several of the most prominent Wall Street businessmen:

George Perkins, shaking Marx's hand, then a partner of J.P. Morgan

Andrew Carnegie, (Andy) waiting behind Marx with outstretched hand

J.P. Morgan tipping his hat to Marx

John D. Rockefeller (John D.) to Marx's right, smiling smugly

John Ryan, of National City Bank, standing beside John D. Rockefeller

Why are America's leading businessmen so happy with Marx's theories? Because, under the utopia envisioned by Communism, they would have an absolute monopoly over every aspect of the world economy. Riches beyond measure beckon.

The political side of this American New World Order Plan is represented by Teddy Roosevelt, shown with his typically toothy smile. ("Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution, by Anthony Sutton)