Thesis Vs. Anti-Thesis=Synthesis


This drawing dramatically shows that Illuminst Freemasonry created the system of Communism. This information was obtained by Christian author, Gary Kah, as he was speaking to a church group about the dangers of Freemasonry and it role in the New World Order. An elderly lady approached Mr. Kah after the meeting and informed him that she had volumes of Freemasonry material in her attic. She explained that the husbands of several of her friends had been Freemasons prior to their deaths, but that after they died, no one from the Lodge had come to claim their materials. These friends told this lady that they were going to throw this huge amount of material away. This elderly lady strongly felt she must intervene to keep the material. They then gave her all their Freemasonry material, books and pamphlets which had been printed on Freemasonry printing presses, and never intended to be seen by anyone who was not a member.

This material showed blatant links to the following occult and New World Order organizations:

Masters Of The Illuminati Knights Templar

Rosicrusians Theosophical Society (Founded by Masons)

Mr. Kah then created the following chart showing the history of Freemasonry:

"En Route To A Global Occupation", by Gary Kah, Huntington House, 1992, p. 94.