History By 6-Step Attitudinal Change Plan




1. Hegelian Doctrine (1823)

Conflict brings about change; controlled conflict brings about controlled change

Thesis battling Anti-Thesis = Synthesis

2. At this point, we need to pause to discuss the fundamental Hegelian System of Conflict. We have discussed this concept before, as we showed how it is being utilized within America to change individual attitudes and values from the traditional Judeo-Christian to the New World Order Satanic Values. We called this dynamic change plan the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan, but it is officially known as the "Hegelian System of Planned Conflict".

In this Attitudinal Change Plan, two competing sides are required, constantly battling. Each side represents widely divergent views on the particular subject about which they are battling. However, the battling is designed to produce a compromise system, rather than an absolute victory for either side.

Constant battle, Step #4, is the key.

This Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan has also been the major underlying premise which has guided the actions of governments striving toward the New World Order since the early 1820's. Simply, the Plan was to create the perfect opposite system to Thesis, called Anti-Thesis. These two opposite sides would battle politically and verbally for many years, threatening the world with major war. However, the Plan called for neither side to militarily destroy the other. In the many years during which this battle was planned to be waged, people's attitudes on both sides would gradually change, until the point was reached on both sides which would allow the new system, the Synthesis, to be born -- The New World Order.

The German philosopher, Hegel, popularized this view in 1823, and called it the "Hegelian System of Conflict". However, Hegel did not originate this concept, but received it from a Freemason named Fichte, who was also a member of the Masters of the Illuminati. Stay with us now, because we are close to understanding the flow of human history since the early 1800's, and specifically, in the entire Twentieth Century.


* Thesis -- is the original system dominating Europe in the late 1700's. This system was economically Private Enterprise, and religiously Judeo-Christian., and politically king/democracy.

* Anti-Thesis -- is the opposite system to Thesis, which, by battling Thesis for an extended period of time, would produce a new system, called Synthesis. The major problem is that no truly opposite system to Thesis existed in 1776. Anti-Thesis was theoretically created when the Communist Manifesto was issued by

Karl Marx in 1848. Communism was economically State-owned and State-planned, and religiously Atheistic. Communism is politically governed by the people themselves in a system officially called, "The Dictatorship of the Proletariat". A more complete opposite to Thesis could not have been possible, even if it were planned that way, which it was.

* Synthesis -- is the new, hybrid system produced by constant battling between Thesis and Anti-Thesis. Synthesis is planned to be economically Fascist, where the Means of Production and the Distribution of Goods are privately held, but the Government dictates how much is produced and how many companies can produce the same type product. Synthesis was planned to be religiously Satanic, the hybrid between the Judeo-Christian Thesis and the Atheistic Anti-Thesis. The governmental system for Synthesis is planned to be an absolute dictatorship built around the "Divine" person of Maitreya The Christ, a perfectly wise person who would rule "benevolently". This new system, hypothetically called Synthesis, has always had a title. It has been known as the New World Order.

Consider the problem facing the Masters of the Illuminati in 1776. They hated the present system of the Western World, which we have labeled Thesis, and they knew precisely the kind of new world they wanted, which they labeled Synthesis, -- New World Order. However, no natural opposite system to Thesis existed. Therefore, the Masters of the Illuminati decided to create such a system, which we have labeled Anti-Thesis. In 1846, a group of French Freemasons met for almost two years to create this perfect Anti-Thesis; they named this new system Communism and paid Karl Marx to issue it under his name. ( "The Broken Cross: Hidden Hand In The Vatican", by Piers Compton, Channel Islands, Neville Spearman, 1981, p. 16).


NEWS BRIEF: Time Magazine, May 25, 1992, "A Chat With The Gorbachevs", p. 51. "Nothing about Mikhail Gorbachev's triumphal two-week tour of the US suggested that he was a politician removed from power. Americans...received him with standing ovations...His theme is ...the whole world is in need of change and reorientation...Gorbachev would not be drawn into an admission that socialist theory had failed or that Communism was dead. An alternative between capitalism and communism is in the offing..."

This devastating statement confirms the view espoused in the seminar that world history since the founding of the Masters of the Illuminati in 1776 to the present time has been shaped by the Hegelian System of Planned Conflict, better known as Thesis battling Anti-Thesis to produce Synthesis.

Communism was created by the Masters of the Illuminati to be the perfect Anti-Thesis to the Western Thesis. Controlled conflict or threat of conflict over a long period of time was to result, not in war, but in controlled change, a change in the worldwide system known as the New World Order. At the end,

Thesis and Anti-Thesis would cease being "enemies" and merge into the One World Government, Economy, and Religion known as the New World Order.