How World War II Advanced New World Order

I. Interim Step of Regionalization Set Stage For One-World Government

A. NATO in Europe

B. Warsaw Pact in Eastern Europe

C. SEATO in Asia

D. Economic regionalization also occurred along the same lines.

E. Repeated cultural, economic, and religious regionalization

II. The infant One-World Government was created as the United Nations, in 1945.

III. Created the Nation of Israel (1948)

IV. Tremendous Technological Advance

A. Atomic Bomb

B. Computers

C. Efficient, Fast Aircraft

D. Modern Global Telecommunications

E. Rockets and Related Space Technology

V. Unprecedented Population Explosion

A. Sets stage for plans to dramatically and violently reduce world's population

B. Sets stage for global "crises" to be created to convince people to support One-

World Government and Economy