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AI-9781620203231 - WILLING TO DIE - The True Story of John Muntean Raising A Family and Being A Pastor in Communist Romania
Hope and freedom hang in the balance between the success and failure of one mans plan. John Muntean must succeed, or die trying.

. . . a very intriguing true story. . .  -Perry Stone, Jr., President of Voice of Evangelism Ministries

When John Muntean is willing to tell his story . . . listen, observe, and learn. . .  -Jentezen Franklin, Best Selling Author

The story of this Romanian family is both engaging and intriguing! They have first-hand knowledge and experience of . . . Socialism and Communism. This is where America is now headed. . . . This nation must wake up and learn from those who know. . . . -Harold Skousen, President of Ensign Publishing

Price: $13.99

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