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AI-9781935507253 - Thinking Rightly About Christ: What Scripture Really Says About Jesus And Why It Matters
Is it really that important what we think of Jesus Christ and the nature of his work? Does the content of our understanding of him have any practical significance?

Against a growing tendency in the church to downplay the value of serious theological reflection, Bryan Holstrom asserts that thinking rightly of Christ is not only an eminently practical pursuit, but one that no thoughtful Christian can afford to neglect. With the goal of increasing our appreciation for the significance of Christ and the work that He undertook, Holstrom addresses some of the most misunderstood and challenging teachings found in Scripture:

* How can Jesus be God's Son and yet be God himself? * What is the significance of the Bible's teaching that he was born of a virgin? * How could he have been tempted and yet remain sinless? * What does it mean to say that he was perfected by his earthly life? * Is he still the King of the Jews? * Why is he called the Savior of the World if not all people are saved? * What is it about Jesus Christ that makes him uniquely qualified to be the one Mediator between God and men? * Does it really matter whether we affirm that salvation is available only through him and the work that he did?

This book helps Christians overcome many of the modern misconceptions that plague our understanding of Christs person and work. The result is not just right thinking, but increased devotion to the One who asked 'What do you think about the Christ?'

Price: $14.99

NFBC-DVD-07 - Who Says The Bible Is God's Word? - 3 Part DVD This item is on sale.
Many people today are quick to spout off bold claims that there is no way in which it can be said that the Bible really did come from God. In fact, they then imply that anyone who believes this is some form of a modern mental idiot.

However, in reality it’s the critic who is dead wrong, simply because they refuse to look at the evidence. And because of this ill-informed skepticism, when a Christian today responds that the Bible came from God, many people now reply, “Oh yeah? Who Says the Bible is God’s Word?”.

Therefore, this series “Who Says the Bible is God’s Word?” shares 10 lines of solid logical evidence that proves that the Bible really did come from God. Such evidences include:

  • The Bible says so
  • Jesus says so
  • The Apostles say so
  • The Early Church and Church History say so
  • Transmission Standards say so
  • Manuscript Data says so
  • Archaeology says so
  • Predictive Prophecy says so
  • Science says so
  • The Nature and Scope of Data says so.

    As you will see, with all this overwhelming evidence from God, there really is no need to doubt that the Bible really did come from God, let alone cave into the false claims of the critic. Be encouraged. We can know for sure that what we hold in our hands is indeed the Genuine Word of God!

    3 Part DVD

  • Price: $19.99
    Sale Price: $19.99

    BP-1-57293-086-1 - Why Did Jesus Have To Die?
    Repeatedly in His teaching ministry, Christ affirmed that he "must" go to Jerusalem and die. But, couldn't there have been another way--a better way? In this important Bible study, we examine this issue from the perspective of Christ's mission and man's condition, and see the absolute necessity of the crucifixion--and the compelling motivation it gives us to share the message of the cross with others.

    You will be able to share the true Biblical message of the Cross with someone whose interest has been spiked because of "The Passion".

    5 lessons. 40 pages.)

    Price: $2.79

    AI-9781620203231 - WILLING TO DIE - The True Story of John Muntean Raising A Family and Being A Pastor in Communist Romania
    Hope and freedom hang in the balance between the success and failure of one mans plan. John Muntean must succeed, or die trying.

    . . . a very intriguing true story. . .  -Perry Stone, Jr., President of Voice of Evangelism Ministries

    When John Muntean is willing to tell his story . . . listen, observe, and learn. . .  -Jentezen Franklin, Best Selling Author

    The story of this Romanian family is both engaging and intriguing! They have first-hand knowledge and experience of . . . Socialism and Communism. This is where America is now headed. . . . This nation must wake up and learn from those who know. . . . -Harold Skousen, President of Ensign Publishing

    Price: $13.99

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