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PPB-002 - 'Jesus Knows Your Name' Personalized Promise Bible - KJV - Large Print - Bonded Leather
Jesus Knows Your Name! He cares for you as the individual you are! We have all been taught that fact from very young age, and people cling to that thought so strongly.

Now, you can order a study Bible with your name in it every place where the Bible speaks to you, the individual, or the name of your child or grandchild! Look, if your name is Chris:

"Therefore, if Chris be in Christ, Chris is a new creature; behold, all things have become new." (2 Cor 5:17)

If your name is Bonnie, the Scripture would read, "Fear not, for I have redeemed Bonnie, I have called Bonnie by thy name; thou art mine. When Bonnie passest through the waters, I will be with her ..."

My dear Mother blotted the pronouns out of these type of Scriptures and wrote her own name in either above the line or in the margin. She personalized her own Bible 50 years ago, feeling that this gave her added personal strength in her inner soul. By personalizing Scripture, Mom overcame severe depression, exemplified by Migraine Headaches. When she was lying on her death bed, I read these personalized Scriptures to her, over and over again. Something touched Mom's inner heart and soul, seeing in print that Jesus knew her name and was speaking directly to her.

We believe this is the best gift to a child or a grandchild imaginable

Introductory sale price gives you $25.00 off.

For this retail, you get a single line of the name of your choice imprinted on the front cover in gold. In the "Comments" area on the final review page, let us know the first name of the person whose name you want personalized within the text and exactly how you want their name imprinted on the front cover.

At this sale price, you will also get FREE shipping from the manufacturer, if the order is being shipped within Continental USA. If Bible is being shipping overseas, an extra $30 must be added

When you add these two features, the retail does not seem too high after all; remember also, each order is printed separately, just for you. The company cannot realize a price break by ordering a large production press run.

After seeing the joy on the face of the person to whom you are giving this gift, the slightly higher cost will be instantly forgotten

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

Comes in Black, Burgundy, White

Price: $199.99

Z-0310443308 - Large Print Parallel Bible - KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary Hardcover
At last! Our best-selling parallel Bible in LARGE PRINT! This is THE favorite Bible resource of Cutting Edge Minisries! On the left of each page, you read the timeless, priceless KJV, while on the right you see the modern language verse-by-verse Amplified Bible Commentary. Since English is a far inferior language than ancient Greek and Hebrew, significant loss of meaning occurs when one of these dynamic languages is translated word-for-word into English. The Amplified Bible Commentary is written to correct this problem, written verse by verse like a Bible. The KJV on the left solves any problem you might feel with a modern translation, while the Amplified restores much meaning in the original languages.

This Bible will become your favorite study Bible also! 10 pt.font

Price: $45.99

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