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NFBC-DVD-15 - A Marriage Built To Last Volume 2 (2 Pack DVD)- 6 Sessions This item is on sale.
Marriages aren’t made in heaven, they’re made right here on earth. Therefore, in the light of this truth, 'A Marriage Built' to Last is a series that looks at the 11 steps of having a lasting and fulfilling marriage.
Sessions 7-12 include:
7)The Need for Reconciliation
8) The Need for Honor
9) The Need for Intimacy
10) The Need for Biblical Men
11) The Need for Biblical Women
12) and the Need for a Strong Family

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Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $19.99

KR-978-0-8254-2013-9 - Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome: How to Grow Affair-Proof Hedges Around Your Marriage - by Nancy Anderson
From a woman who strayed to the other side of the marital fence – and returned to find forgiveness and restoration – comes this practical book about predicting and preventing an extra-marital affair. Based on the principle that the grass is always greener where it 's watered, this book focuses on how to grow a beautiful marriage in your own backyard by establishing six protective 'hedges ' around it.

Nancy has an incredible story to tell and she tells it with her heart on her sleeve. Many times throughout this book she is so transparent and candid about her journey from infidelity to incredibly blessed matrimony, her heart is practically hovering over the pavement. This book has inspired, educated, enlightened, amused, moved, and blessed me tremendously, and my marriage will be more of a horticultural masterpiece because of it.'

128 pages

Price: $10.95

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