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MB-09771082-52 - Where the RIGHT went WRONG On NATIONAL SECURITY -- And the LEFT Too This item is on sale.
Americans are currently living in a national security state. Freedom, privacy, and dissent in America are being suppressed in the name of national security. Illegal domestic spying is violating our civil liberties. Everyday that the war in Iraq continues, we are sacrificing peace in order to maintain peace.

How exactly did this happen? In his electrifying new book, "Where the Right Went Wrong on National Security (and the Left too), " Andre Michael Eggelletion, author of "Thieves in the Temple," once more shines a spotlight on how important decisions are made in America. He traces the rise of our current national security state from the passage of the National Security Act of 1947, to the decision made to utilize Nazi war criminal scientists after World War 11, to funding being illegally diverted to the Contras, to Bush's decision to invade Iraq. He takes you on a journey into the shadowy realm of U.S. Presidential policies on strategic petroleum reserves, and reveals how America's petroleum dependence has cost more than we bargained for. Step by step, Eggelletion exposes how we have become a nation that can justify any aggressive act-against other countries or against our own citizens-as necessary to preserve national security.

"Where the Right Went Wrong" is a book no concerned American can afford to ignore. Once more, Mr. Eggelletion has led the way in unflinching examination of our political system. It is time all Americans followed his path.

190 pages

Price: $14.95
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WOP-02 - World Dominion-From The Tower of Babel To The Mark of the Beast-Book
This hard-hitting expose' "World Dominion" will inform you about the One World Government, Military, Religious, and Economic System that will be ruled by Anti-Christ (Rev 13). See how the stage is being set right before your eyes. Learn of the deceptive World Constitution, Earth Charter, unconstitutional Executive Orders, Global Biodiversity Treaty, State of the World Forum presentations by Mikhail Gorbachev, and many other documents promising to usher in a New World Order Utopia.

Understand the true agenda of the U.N. -- the sinister International Criminal Court, World Court, World Trade Organization, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund. Become informed on what could happen to about 50% of American land through United Nations Biosphere Reserves, World Heritage Sites, and the Wildlands Project. Take a tour of the U.N. to see their goal of 'peace and safety' has nothing to do with true peace, but world control and domination.

Be informed of the U.N. Meditation Room, its stone alter, and how it is dedicated to the god man worships under many names and forms.

Discover the plan entitled, ‘Global Ethic’ uniting all worlds’ religions. See the role of the Parliament of World Religions, Lucis Trust, United Religions Initiative, and the Theosophical Society. See the ‘World Scripture’ that is a spiritual smorgasbord of every religion, belief, tradition, and sacred text under the sun. Learn how the World Economy is coming together as prophesied in Daniel chapters two and seven

Understand how Anti-Christ will identify, track, and locate billions of people left on Planet Earth through global surveillance, super computers, biometric recognition, and microchip implants. See the world’s first cyborg (Kevin Warwick), bellybutton chips for babies, Digital Angel implants, and the most frightening microchip, the Soul Catcher 2025. Receive an in-depth study on the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and ‘666'.

Book contains 129 additional pages of information not in the video. This information will change your life, priorities, and thinking. Shows a person how to receive God’s gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Price: $14.99

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