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LS-Marx & Satan - Marx & Satan Book
THE book which showed Cutting Edge that the Illuminati created Communism! Pastor Wurmbrand proves two exceedingly important facts: 1) Marx was a dedicated Satanist, could not have written the atheistic Communist Manifesto; 2) Communist leaders from Lenin to Stalin to Mao Tse Tung were profound worshippers of Baphomet, not the atheists history has said they were. This is a most important book in your understanding of the entire Illuminist global conspiracy. Marx stated, �Let us drive God out from heaven.� Communist authorities are not �atheists.� They serve Satan. Ironically, Karl Marx began life in a God-fearing family. It is documented that he was raised as a Christian, but drastic changes led him to a deep personal rebellion against God and all Christian values. By examining Marx�s poetry, plays, correspondence, and biographical accounts, Wurmbrand builds a convincing case for Marx�s undeniable Satanic preference. (Paperback, 143 pp.)
Price: $14.99

NOR-978-0-9796736-7-2 - The Death Penalty On Trial: Taking A Life For A Life Taken - Book by Dr. Ron Gleason, Ph.D
How would Jesus want us to vote on the matter of capital punishment? Opponents want us to believe He would have us oppose the death penalty under any circumstances, aiming their arguments at our emotions rather than our minds.

The Bible teaches us that there is a place for capital punishment. Rather than the Death Penalty denying man's dignity, it upholds it.

Dr. Gleason systematically examines the historical background, the objections, and the Scriptures to present a compelling argument that societies need to uphold the Biblical standard

132 pages

Price: $14.95

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