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WS-004990 - Amplified Bible Commentary - WordSearch Computer Program On CD *ONLY WORKS WITH WINDOWS XP OR EARLIER VERSION*
Now you can have the valuable Amplifed Bible Commentary on CDROM from WordSearch Computer Software Company. Text is fully searchable. Other great features: 1) Translation notes for the Amplified texts; 2) Personal notes section where you can make your own notes as you study; 3)Detailed Outline of entire Bible; 4) Personal Commentary section keyed to individual verses; 5) Can import selected verses directly to your Word Processor; 6) Can print selected text; 7) Can select how to view windows -- tile, over-under, or side-by-side. This program is powerful, especially considering its inexpensive retail

Since English is a far inferior language than ancient Greek and Hebrew, significant loss of meaning occurs when one of these dynamic languages is translated word-for-word into English. The Amplified Bible Commentary is written to correct this problem, written verse by verse like a Bible. The Amplified restores much meaning in the original Hebrew and Greek languages. This is not a modern language version, but a restoration of the original Greek and Hebrew meaning -- verse by verse.

Works on Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP

Price: $29.99

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