Here are some of the reasons that you may be getting an access denied message and possible solutions:

1) If subscribed within the last 24 hours, your subscription may not have been processed. You will get an email as soon as it is processed.

2) If you have never purchased a subscription or need to renew you can go to our subscription form.

3) If you forgot your password, you can have your password e-mailed to the address you used when you purchased your subscription. Note: If you no longer have that e-mail address, this will not work.

4) You have changed your email address since you subscribed and you are trying to login with your new email addess. You must login with the same one you subscribed with.

If you are getting an access denied message and you have paid the $25.00 subscription within the last 12 months it means that the e-mail or password you are typing in does not match the one that you subscribed with. I will be happy to check this and fix it for you. You will need to fill out our support form.

Note: If your e-mail address has changed since you subscribed you can still log in with your old e-mail address. It does not have to be the one you are currently using.

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