Solutions to being asked for the password over and over.

If you are entering your email address and password and getting an access granted message and then when you try to access an article, you are asked for the password again it does mean that you are using the correct email address and password and that our server is working correctly. The problem is on your computer. Here are some suggested ways to fix it.

This looping problem of asking for the password over and over after you get the "access granted" message can be caused by an incorrect setting in your browser or software that has been installed that is blocking cookies which keeps the browser from storing the fact that you have successfully logged in and you are authorized to view the pages. It can also be caused by an incorrect system date.

Use the help menu on your browser to get instructions for proper cookie settings and then see if any family member has installed any security programs that are blocking cookies.If you have installed a new peice of software that has changed your security management it may keep the cookies from being recorded. You will need to find the settings in the software that will allow cookies to be used at the web site. Also make sure your system date is correct.

If all of the above fails, you may have a problem with a corrupted Internet Explorer browser. In this case I can highly recommend another browser which I like better than Internet Explorer and it is a free download and has many great security features, pop-up blockers etc. You should not have any problem accessing the site using this browser. Everybody who I know that has used it loved it. David Bay uses it every day and so does our webmaster. The browser is called Firefox and can be downloaded from the link below. This will not solve the problem however if security software has been installed and is not properly configured. In that case you will need to contact the software manufacturer for help as to how to adjust it to solve the problem.

Another good free browser that may work for you is Google Chrome which you can download at

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