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Item Name: Spellbound? Rock Music And Its Power To Persuade
Category: Comic Books
Item Number: CP-110
Price: $2.99
Join the Crusaders as they meet a man who tells us how Satan is attacking the church, through spells, astrology, occultic jewelry and rock music. "You Christians are in full-scale spiritual warfare, and you don't even know it. You are being attacked by the Powers of Darkness through spells and incantations; you are playing "Church", and because you don't read your Bibles, Satan is going for your jugular vein.

Through charms and infiltrating their churches with Rock Music, Satanists believe they can blow the Christian Church off the face of the earth, once the time became "ripe". This scenario is occurring in churches all across this land, with "Praise Bands" and Contemporary Music and "Christian Rock".

Is this a description of your church? The foretold "Apostasy" of the church -- falling away from true doctrine -- is now here, and much of it has been cause by Rock Music.


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