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Item Name: Bible Time Line: Genesis To Revelation At A Glance - Pamphlet
Category: Pamphlets - Booklets
Item Number: RP-420X
Price: $3.99
This Bible Time Line pamphlet shows hundreds of facts in Biblical history. Includes dates of kings, prophets, battles, and key events. Compare Bible History, World History, and Middle East History -- side- by-side.

Did you know? * Buddha, Confucius and the Prophet Daniel all lived at the same time? * The first recorded Olympic Games in Greece were held at the time of Jonah? * The Greek historian Homer lived during the time of Isaiah, Amos, and Micah? * Mt. Vesuvius erupted and buried Pompeii during the lifetime of the Apostle John? * The earliest forms of writing are dated 1,000 years before Abraham?

Pamphlet contains colorful photos and illustrations. 10-point type makes it easy to read. Size 8.5" x 5.5", but unfolds to 33" wide. Folds inside a Study Bible

Will enrich and mature your Biblical understanding

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