Titles are as follows:">

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Item Name: Best of Cutting Edge Radio -- MP3 Program Assortment #3
Category: Cutting Edge
Item Number: CER1181
Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $4.99
Now you can enjoy the "Best of Cutting Edge Radio" programs!! This assortment contains 10 of the best selected radio programs.

Titles are as follows:

  • CER1132 N.C. Law Takes Away 4th Amendment Rights In Order To Deal With Foot-and- Mouth Disease
  • CER1133 FMD Britain Fulfilling UN Biosphere Plan
  • CER1134 Christian Parents Could Lose Custody of Their Children!
  • CER1135 Nature Worship to Foot-and-Mouth Disease -- Inevitable Slide Into Paganism
  • CER1136 White-Hot Palestinian Hatred Toward The Jew -- Part 1
  • CER1137 America: Guilty of the Sin of Sodom
  • CER1138 Planned Destruction of Our Economy and Our Civilization
  • CER1139 Terror Against Our Cities Final Stage of New World Order Plan
  • CER1140 Seven Satanic Values Capturing America Today
  • CER1141 Prayer of Jabez -- 'Christian' Witchcraft

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