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Item Name: Four (4) Views of the End Times - Pamphlet
Category: Pamphlets - Booklets
Item Number: RP-350X
Price: $3.99
What does the Bible ACTUALLY say about the End Times leading up to the return of Jesus Christ? Historically, four (4) views have been most widely accepted. These four traditional views are explained and ILLUSTRATED in simple terms. Each view includes a definition of the position listing its main points, showing supporting Scriptures, presenting the main historic time period in which each view flourished, and lists the Christian leaders supporting that view

These are the four (4) main historic viewpoints: 1) Dispensational Premillennialism; 2) Amillennialism; 3) Postmillennialism; 4) Historic Premillennialism

Pamphlet is 8.5"x5.5" and unfolds to 33"

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