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Item Name: 'The Enchanter' Comic Book - Joseph Smith Story Illustrated
Category: Comic Books
Item Number: CP-118
Price: $2.99
The true story of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church), revealing the man for what he really was. Calling himself the �second Muhammad,� Smith was an occultic opportunist, fond of the ladies (lots of them!), who blended Masonic rituals into his temple rituals.

Read the incredible story of how Joseph Smith founded Mormonism. It's a story of intrigue, murder, lust and greed. A few months after marrying the first of his 28 wives, Joseph Smith began to build his religion on a set of golden plates that he claimed had been given to him by a mysterious spirit.

As his power and number of followers grew, he formed a death squad called "The Danites." Later these "enforcers" became known as the "Avenging Angels." With their backing, Smith began to flex his muscles, becoming fierce with pride and boldness.

Joseph Smith actually said: "If people will let us alone, we shall preach the Gospel in peace; but if they come upon us to molest us, we shall establish our religion with the sword. We shall trample our enemies and make them one gore of blood, from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic"

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