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Item Name: DVD - The Babel Conspiracy: 9/11 & Beyond
Category: Illuminati Plan
Sub-Category: DVD
Item Number: PRM-03-DVD/pc
Price: $14.99
"The Babel Conspiracy" proves that the Illuminati conspiratorial plan to unite the world so their Antichrist can appear is controlled by the "Evil Master Spirits" in the supernatural dimension. BUT, these Evil Master Spirits are controlled by prophecy and doctrine in God's Bible!

What a faith-building experience, as Pastor Hoggard reveals the startling degree to which the events of 9/11 and since then were controlled by prophecy!

Your weak faith will be wonderfully strenghtened as will your ability to convince people that the Bible is the only roadmap we need to understand the events of this Age

In speaking of the attacks on 9/11, Pastor Hoggard teaches the "pattern" of them all and then ties them in with the bombing at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, the assassination of President Kennedy and other key events of the last 20 years -- and demonstrates how these events fulfill Bible Prophecy!

Great soulwinning tool - refreshing approach to this subject

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