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Item Name: DVD - Christianity Out of the Closet -
Category: Hoggard DVD's & Books
Item Number: PRM-13-DVD/pc
Price: $14.99
Christians today are on the defensive. Are you tired of it? Are you tired of worrying about what others think? Are you tired of worrying about the cost of rigidly following Biblical commandments? Are you tired of worrying about the 'faces of men'?

Then 'come out of the closet'. As Bible believers, we can no longer hide in fear because of what we believe and what we stand for.

It used to be shameful to watch pornography, be a homosexual or a fornicator but now it is fashionable and considered the norm by the world while Christianity is shoved into the closet with the door slammed shut. In this message Pastor Mike Hoggard takes us through the scriptures and shows us how the Apostles came out of the closet and proclaimed their faith to the world and how it is time for the church to do the same.

The time is rapidly rushing upon us, and soon, Christians all over the world will be asked to repudiate their allegiance to Jesus Christ, or be killed. What will your response be? The old adage is true, that if you could not live for Jesus now, you will not be able to resist the pressure and die for Him at the End of the Age.

This DVD is strong Spiritual Medicine, the kind which Christians need right now!


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