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Item Name: Pamphlet - Dead Sea Scrolls: Know the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls to Christians.
Category: Pamphlets - Booklets
Item Number: RP-317X
Price: $3.99
Dead Sea Scrolls: Words that Changed the World will be displayed in the Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall

Did you know, for example? 1) How the Dead Sea Scrolls help confirm the reliability of Old Testament translation over the years. 2) What they show about the culture and times of Jesus Christ. 3) What the people of Jesus' time expected from the Messiah. 4) What the Dead Sea Scrolls really are (they are not the originals of the Bible, as a few people may think). They include the oldest copies of portions of the Bible that we have today.

The pamphlet reveals: 1) What we know about the site 2) How the scrolls reveal the accuracy of Old Testament Bible translation over the centuries 3) What the scrolls reveal about Jewish history 4) What the scrolls reveal about early Christianity 5) What the scrolls reveal about the New Testament


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