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Item Name: 152 The Priest, the Woman, In The Confessional by Charles Chiniquy
Category: Books
Sub-Category: Roman Catholicism
Item Number: CP-152
Price: $7.95
Former Catholic priest reveals a tragic danger of the confessional. What happens when women are commanded, under penalty of eternal damnation, to confess to a man their deepest sexual thoughts and sins? Former priest, Charles Chiniquy, continually dealt with this problem. He personally heard the confessions of over 200 priests. All but 21 admitted falling prey to Satan's devices in this area. You will see how sexual exploitation has dogged the Roman Catholic priesthood for over 1,500 years, and is carried over into the exploitation of even young boys! Celibate priests are a disaster for the Catholic Church! This book reverently and tastefully exposes why confession of sins to a man cannot be of God. You'll see how this practice destroys both the priest and the person doing the confessing.
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