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Item Name: DVD - Truth Behind Joels Army: Sarah Palin and the Fallen Angels of Rev 9 - by Pastor Hoggard
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Item Number: PRM-DVD-997
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What on earth does Joel's Army, Sarah Palin and the Fallen Angels foretold in Revelation 9 got to do with each other?

Pastor Hoggard reveals the startling truth behind a movement that is making huge inroads into the Charismatic/Neo-Pentecostal movement in America and around the world. This movement, called "Joel's Army" is being promoted by many, including Rick Joyner, who, as Pastor Hoggard proves, is a member of the Catholic Knights of Malta organization, the same organization that "knighted" Rupert Murdoch. Joyner, Sarah Palin and others are teaching untold thousands about a 'new breed' that is going to take over the kingdom and give it to Jesus. This heresy is called 'Dominionism' and is the fatal foundation on which President Bush based his Iraqi and Afghan invasions -- with the full support of thousands of Christian pastors!

Now that we know that Palin is pursuing "Dominionist" Theology, you now know why she was a natural choice for Bush/McCain to select her to be the Vice-Presidential candidate in the election of 2008. Bush based his invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan squarely on Dominionist Theology and asked Evangelical pastors for their support on this basis. Bush said he was conquering the world for Jesus, using America's might. Thus, Sarah Palin was a natural fit with the Bush/McCain Dominionist camp! That is the real reason she was selected as McCain's Vice President candidate!

Pastor Hoggard also reveals that the army mentioned in the book of Joel, is a perfect match for the fallen angels that are released in Revelation 9!


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