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Item Name: All-Seeing Eye Surveillance: Satan's 'Omniscience'
Category: Hoggard DVD's & Books
Item Number: PRM-DVD-996
Price: $14.99
Satan wants to be Omniscient as possible in his coming New World Order Kingdom, but he cannot. Therefore, these incredible advances in technological surveillance is designed to give Satan the closest thing to omniscience possible!

Satan must create through scientists the incredibly sophisticated global surveillance system we are seeing spreading over the entire earth -- because he is not God!

The Scriptures tell us that God is the all powerful, all seeing God. Satan wants to 'be like the most High' Isaiah 14, but he is not as powerful as God, and he is limited in what he can see.

He needs a network. A network of sophisticated technology, organizations, and people so that he can have total control of planet earth.

This 1 hour and 20 minute presentation, shows the spiritual forces that are behind the spy and surveillance infrastructure that is being built right now to bring the world into a New world Order.

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