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Item Name: Blockbuster Catholic DVD Sales Offer: Which Queen of Heaven, Catholicism Full of Dead Men's Bones, & Church On Haunted Hill Combination Sale
Category: Special Offers
Item Number: CE-Combo-30
Price: $84.97
Cutting Edge created each of these DVD's expressly to prove that Catholic priests are inherently sexual predators because of the systemic nature of the Church itself!

'Which Queen of Heaven' DVD proves that the very foundation of Catholicism is the Luciferian Babylonian Mysteries religion, which God cursed. 4 Hours Long

'Catholicism Full of Dead Men's Bones' dramatizes the reality that the Pope has always had a powerful demon whispering in his ear, a being Satanists call 'National Overlord'. Once you understand this truth, you will comprehend the true nature of the Catholic Church. 4 Hours Long

'Church On Haunted Hill' provides the final answer as to why Catholic priests are so sexually deviant. One of their doctrines taught priests is the 'Unforgiveable Sin' 2 Hours Long (Matt 12:31)

SAVE over buying these DVD's separately

These DVD's offer 10 hours of dynamic teaching!

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